Computer Love


Computer Love: Are We Losing Our Ability To Meet and Greet with Compassion? We are more connected, then ever to each other. With the boom of social media, we can text, tweet, Facebook, email and send posts and Instagram’s and more.  If this is so, why do so many ‘singles’ say it is hard to meet good people? Society moves very fast and communication needs to be instant.  I find myself texting more than picking up the phone and calling someone. I am on the road everyday and travel do to the nature of my job.  When I am at the airport waiting for a flight, I look around and notice that everyone is looking down at their ipad, smartphone or Droid. Some hold and type with two hands and others with only one hand. It is truly a sight.  Once I settle in a seat near the gate to wait for boarding, there is no eye contact or talking. Just tapping. I remember when I would sit in an airport or an airport restaurant and people would a  ask about flight information or ask for directions to a gate. That information is downloaded via apps now. There is no replacement for face-to-face interaction. When you observe someone’s body language, you can feel their presence and see how they respond to what you are saying.  When you talk on phone with someone, it is a pleasure to hear their voice. And, you have the opportunity to talk for hours, if your conversation is enjoyable.  Tweeting and texting and clicking ‘like’ on Facebook has many advantages, but it is nothing like greeting someone, eye to eye or helping someone find their way because you were there right when they needed you to explain a thought or to give directions.  Let’s not lose our ability to meet and greet! Compassion and touching is what draws people to each other. This is human nature!  Reach out and touch someone today!


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