It takes an inordinate amount of strength to have integrity and patience to not fight hatred and dispare with hatred. When life comes at you, it’s with speed and conviction. Sometimes we make decisons that lead us to become a victim. Because of that decision, we end in a bad situation. Just because you are in a bad situation, doesn’t mean you deserve it, you just made a poor choice. Use the strength that God gave you to make a different choice; fight back with love. Know that you are loved by him and that you can make choices to remove yourself from that situation. Think, plan and believe, because God will love you forever.

Your Words of Inspiration

I know where I’ve been and after some time to reflect, I understand the significant labors of my journey. I remember the days that were most challenging for me because they brought the greatest degree of pain. They were the lessons that were the hardest yet, they were my lessons in life. I’m certain I have more to learn and accept the gift of this challenge. As I have, I pray that throughout your journey, you will learn if you choose:

  • To overcome fear;
  • Fight with passion;
  • Not to return fighting with hatred;
  • To invest in yourself to break cycles of destruction that will impede, if not end your life and devastate others that love you;
  • Feel emotions that enrage you to know end but you will let them go so they don’t destroy you;
  • You will not remain a victim regardless of how much pain you’ve endured because;
  • You…

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