Destiny is like magic…, all you need is to believe. What you predetermine ends up being your future. This couple never gave up. They saw love, they saw each other, and they pursued Destiny… This poem is dedicated to my lovely sister and my awesome brother-in-law: Belinda and Kenny.

A little something for the doubters over the age of 50!!

Brenda Blackmon's Blog

Was pursued in spite of set backs and personal challenges…
It was priority over what others thought, and how they felt after
exhausting work days and giving of others…
Destiny kept the vision of love and passion in the fore front, wile they
embraced it…
It said to them, take my heart, my hand, and add a wedding ring… except
me in my current condition and see my happiness when I am with you…
Destiny said to find peace in God’s plan for your joy… Elope, not to escape,
but to re-present as Mr. and Mrs. White…
Love moves people to do extraordinary things…It’s worth waiting for and can be wild and wonderful…
                                                 ~Brenda Blackmon

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