Change is in order now…


My InSight…My Opinion~

The US has approximately 5% of the total world population, but owns 42% of the worlds fire arms. The homicide rate by firearms is higher in the US than in countries like Canada, England, France, Australia and Japan. In some cases it’s 200% higher. They say firearms are more tightly controlled in these countries, but not in the US. Why don’t we control it? Are we so pre-occupied with the second amendment that we can’t see when a change can save us? During the 18th century our US delegates recognized that, the way the constitution was originally written, it wouldn’t protect us from foreign aggression or from disintegration, so they redrafted it. The 14th amendment was re-provisioned after the Civil War because it was recognized that Black codes that reinforced the oppression of African Americans was not right. So, with all of the senseless gun violence that has taken place over the past 20 years, why have gun laws remained the same, while our country has increased homicide rates and senseless killings? As human beings, where does the need to have multiple fires arms come from? What drives this need? Is it just because we can, or is there a valid reason? When I look around and observe how we treat each other, I just want to pray. We are all beautiful people and our natural chemistry forces us to be together because it’s our human nature. Choose love, respect, honesty, communication and acknowledgment; not violence.


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