Power Unchecked Results in Isolation…

ImagePower unchecked can lead to a journey of isolation… Working in corporate America has taught me to recognize the difference between working on a goal and having direct reports who are responsible for executing the goal. When leading, it is important to remember that those you are directing should feel comfortable with you as a person. Sometimes we let the power of the Title consume us and forget that the direction we give to others is suppose to help them succeed and elevate them as a person and not make them feel like they are being torn apart. If someone directs you to complete a task and you feel intimated by them, you will focus on the feeling of inadequacy because you are intimated by how they speak or give the direction, instead of listening to the direction.

The end result will be unproductive. While leadership is not a popularity contest, it is also not a hammer. My definition of leading is described in two words, “self govern”. I beleive automony is powerful because that’s the moment when your Team feels like it’s not about money or power, but the inward desire to achieve because it is self fulfilling! I have experienced the isolation when no one wants to listen because I am to harsh or direct. When I explain that I am a vunerable person with the same desires and needs as my direct reports and show this through actions; when it’s time to give direction, my direct reports not only respect me, but they act immediately because they connect with me and understand that I really do have their best interest in mind when I ask them to accept my vision.

tidBits* Autonomy is the moment of no return because “they” feel self governed and self directed and it is then that individual success becomes inevitable even when you are not there!



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