A Mother’s Love deserves, “I Love you”…

ImageI Love my mom! I grew up in a middle class family with both parents. My dad passed away at an early age, he was only 37 years old. He was diagnosed with Cancer. After his death, my mom immediately took control of the household and raised my sister, brother and I. I had a carefree childhood and went to a private high school and College.

It never occurred to me that as a child and teenager, I never said, “I love you” to my Mom. I watched her do everything from attend all of my sporting and band concert events to planting greens in the garden. I was busy being a kid and a teenager! It wasn’t until I became an adult, did I began saying the words,”I love you” to my mom. Maybe it was because I understood the heart felt value of these words after my own life experiences. I now express my appreciation and love for my Mom with the words, “I love you” every time we speak.
My Mom is 73 years old and has suffered multiple Strokes and a heart attack. Her Spirit and pride is the same as it was when she was 30 years old. She has always been a proud strong woman. Never complained and always accepted life with accountability. I love my Mom because she is the best Mom in the world and because she is what I aspire to be.

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