Bubble Bath and a Back Rub…

Bubble Bath and a Back Rub…My favorite brand is Juniper, Orange and Methol Stress & Tension Village Naturals foaming bath oil. I use as much as possible so the whirlpool tub overflows with bubbles. The aroma excites me! I test the water before getting in. When I point my big toe in the water and slowly push my foot down to test-touch the steaming hot water, I feel the heat, but pull back. If the water temperature doesn’t feel comfortable and encourage me to submerge without hesitation, I adjust the hot and cold as needed. The rest is about his hands. They have to be strong, smooth and without calluses. The best part is my selflessness and trust in his hands. A good back rub involves good hands, but most importantly enough intensity to increase the blood circulation in the back. This results in less stiffness and more relaxation. The hands determine the pressure, the glide, the warmth and comfort! I love back rubs, don’t you? I often think I need to slow down and relax. A bubble bath and a back rub is the ultimate way to renew! Relaxation is like any other muscle. The more you train it, the more you get!



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