10 Steps To Get YOU Ready For Your Soul mate!

Great tips and very true. I hope you are ready for this!

101.1 The Wiz

Waiting for Mr.Right or Mrs. Right? I know how you feel I used to be in the same boat, let me help you out… 10 Steps YOU can take right now to get you ready for your Soul mate

1. Pray! (MOST important)-pray for what you want in a spouse, pray that you are ready and your are together 1st. Have others pray with you and for you.

2. Stop having SEX!– I know its hard, but save yourself for your soul mate

3. Spend time with GOD in his word!

4. Take intimacy out of it!

5. Understand that Sex does NOT equal Love!- and you are heading for LOVE right?!?! Don’t loose focus

6. Get involved with helping others– Start a single group or get involved in something while you wait don’t just sit around

7. Love YOURSELF first! how can you love…

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