Weighing In On The Atlanta Public Schools’ Verdict

This is a great article about the reality of greed. There is still hope because one bunch of bad apples doesn’t spoil the crop! Our children are the ones who were let down. We want too much to soon without putting in the work. My heart goes out to the APS students. Academic strength is key in our society. This was not demonstrated well by the leaders in Atlanta.

Love Sparks Strength

As many of you know, the Atlanta Public School District was hit hard with the cheating scandal. This scandal to me torn away any hope for future educators like myself to work for this particular school district. To make matters worst, the teacher program I am looking into works directly with APS because their schools are high-need schools. (A high-need school is a school where the students are not performing at the district, county, and state levels on Common Core-Reading, Math, Science, Writing, Social Studies, etc. Also, these schools lack ample resources unlike their fellow counterparts in other school districts and counties).

From the beginning of the APS Cheating Scandal Trial (Photo Credit: New York Times)

I shouldn’t allow this cheating scandal to affect my decision to work in this particular school district. However, it does not sit well with me that I’ll probably be working with a school district that cheated…

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